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Among the Headhunters: An Extraordinary World War II Story of Survival in the Burmese Jungle

Among the Headhunters: An Extraordinary World War II Story of Survival in the Burmese Jungle

Among the Headhunters: An Extraordinary World War II Story of Survival in the Burmese Jungle

Book Review: Among the Headhunters: An Extraordinary World War II Story of Survival in the Burmese Jungle

About Author:

Robert Lyman, (born 13 June 1963) is a British military historian. He has published a number of popular books on the Second World War. “Among the Headhunters” is an additional account in a series of little known events that happened in The second world war. It must additionally be noted that this is rather of a mix of multiple accounts, of which more below.

About ” Among the Headhunters: An Extraordinary World War II Story of Survival in the Burmese Jungle ”

There were numerous incredible stories of survival throughout the course of the globe’s best dispute; however, it is the actors of characters here and also the rather remote and also separated place of their challenge that supply one of the most rate of interest.

The China-Burma-India (CBI) Theater of Operations was amongst one of the most requiring and also primitive areas in which to carry out a war. China, corrupt as well as fragmented, was engaged in combating the Japanese as well as Mao’s very own Communist militaries. Burma, under Japanese profession, was a front of its own relative to the hazard to Britain’s Raj or rule in India. India, certainly, relatively flared with resentment of British colonialism.

As a result of Burma’s profession, the Allies were compelled to provide China over the “Bulge,” flying their cargo airplane over the Himalaya Mountains with all of the attendant risks of the unforeseeable climate, avoiding the world’s greatest tops, mechanical failings, and Japanese interdiction.

Contributed to these risks was the family member absence of understanding of what was listed below concerning individuals and terrain ought to an airplane be forced down or collision which is specifically what took place below.

In August, 1943, a C-47 suffered mechanical failure as well as crashed in the tough surface on the edge of Burma. The crew as well as guests aboard all handled to endure, with one exemption. The co-pilot was the only casualty, being unable to release. Although there was one broken leg, everyone else experienced primarily bumps as well as contusions from their parachute experience.

Amongst the guests were widely known CBS reporter Eric Sevareid, a Soviet spy in the ranks of the Workplace of Strategic Solutions (precursor to the CIA) and the individual political advisor to General Joseph Stillwell, the highest possible ranking American officer in China.

As it turns out, the survivors had actually landed in mostly un-surveyed and unmapped area occupied by numerous tribes of a military people whose culture was based upon the build-up of the heads of their opponents as badges of honor as well as masculinity.

It is at this factor that the tale comes to be different. Although the plight of the survivors is the major emphasis, the current background of the location as well as its people is told as a way of offering context. Writer Robert Lyman defines British policies and also initiatives in the late 1930s to bring some action of world and “development” to this frontier. Stopping working that, they introduced punitive expeditions versus these individuals to deter their violent conflicts, headhunting and participation in human slavery.

Among the Headhunters: An Extraordinary World War II Story of Survival in the Burmese Jungle

Sadly, these diplomatic, military and also even anthropological efforts (to find out more concerning this culture) on the part of the British often tend to take over the story, and substantial text, to the point where one wonders when the author will certainly get the string of the destiny of the plane’s survivors. As a result, there is some uncertainty regarding the writer’s emphasis or intent in informing this story.

Nevertheless, the Air Transportation Command (ATC) parachutes in a rescue team as well as almost everyday food and medical supplies. On top of that, a reward in the form of useful salt is provided to the headhunters as a procedure of gratitude for safeguarding and also maintaining the survivors from the Japanese along with not taking their heads.

Consisted of is a comprehensive photo area that reveals the tough surface, some of the talent scouts, the plane collision survivors, and also participants in the vindictive explorations of the 1930s. Most of the photographs were taken by these latter for their anthropological worth.

The two maps are of the area where the collision took place, one revealing the path taken by the rescuers and also their charges. They do not have any type of range, regrettably. The 3 appendices are a diagram of a powerful crossbow made use of by the locals as well as 2 timeline “diaries” of the 1936 expedition to the area and that of the 1943 crash in question.

Whether or not one has a problem with the corrective exploration accounts and/or is possibly anthropologically inclined, this is a fascinating tale to check out. Many of the abovementioned actors of personalities went on to achieved lives and contributions, specifically Eric Sevareid, while the headhunting tribesmen, more just recently, have accepted world and also an extra modern, “appropriate” way of life.

Stuart McClung holds a Master of Arts in Military Background as well as has composed testimonials for the Journal of America’s Military Past as well as Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Online. He is a recognized veteran living historian and also interpreter at Gettysburg National Armed force Park and numerous state and local venues. He is also a member of the Culture for Armed Force Background, the Council on America’s Military Past, and also the Civil War Depend On.

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