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100 Fathoms Below – Steven L. Kent, Nicholas Kaufmann

100 Fathoms Below

100 Fathoms Below

Book Review: 100 Fathoms Below

About Author:

Steven L. Kent (born August 28, 1960), is an American writer, known for both video game journalism and military science fiction novels. And Nicholas Kaufmann (born February 21, 1969) is an American author of horror fiction, urban fantasy, and adventure fiction. His work has been nominated for the Bram Stoker Award, The Shirley Jackson Award, and the International Thriller Writers Award.

” This is the method a scary novel need to be written. It’s fast-moving as well as does not slow down.”

About 100 Fathoms Below:

” Undeniably one of the most dangerous dangers are the ones that hide in simple view, masking themselves inside the minds of sensible guys.”

The team of the USS Roanoke is about to discover this is true.

It is 1983. The nuclear submarine has actually simply cruised from Pearl Harbor on its most current mission: Get proof that the Soviets have a new submarine that is better, much faster, and deadlier than anything the US has.

” Not that this is an uncommon op. The Navy was continuously sending out watercrafts to worldwide waters near the Soviet Union. Besides, the Roanoke was a rapid assault below, a hunter-killer, and could hold her very own if she located herself in trouble.”

This mission is dangerous sufficient, but what the captain as well as the staff of the Roanoke do not recognize is that a person of the staff has made a side trip to a whorehouse while on shore leave, an area real estate an extremely seductive yet uncommon lady.

” Her jade-green eyes glowed. Stubic didn’t remember her having green eyes before, however when she smiled and took his hand, her skin soft and cozy on his, he really did not care what color her eyes were. He took an enter the corridor and after that an additional as well as the darkness ingested him whole.”

The woman is an aswang, the Filipino version of the vampire, and also when Stubic returns to his ship, he’s no longer the crewman the others understand. Currently he’s also one of the undead, and also he remains in a submarine miles listed below the surface of the water with an entire ship of possible sufferers uninformed of what he’s become.

” Stubic blinked in the unpleasant intense light. Even if he would certainly had excessive to consume last evening, which he recognized he had not, it wouldn’t clarify the marks on the side of his neck. Something had actually bitten him as well as he wondered whether his symptoms were an infection induced by the bite. His head throbbed as if being jackhammered from the within.”

Soon the Roanoke’s assignment will go from the regular seek-and-follow to a fight for life.

At one hundred fathoms, the deepness at which sunshine no more permeates the water, a horror will come into being, and the staff of the Roanoke can not call for help. Revealing their placement will inform the Soviets. Rising to the surface area will certainly threaten those on land. They need to battle this alone.

Male trapped in a submarine with a vampire. Could there be a more old terror in a more modern-day setting?

It’s frightening sufficient to be in a haunted residence while being gone after by ogres yet in the smothering depths of the ocean–?

This is the means a scary novel ought to be written. It’s fast-moving and doesn’t slow down. From the minute Petty Police officer Stubic accepts business card from a lady in the Waikiki industry, the visitor has great idea of what will occur, yet none of it transpires in exactly the means expected.

100 Fathoms Below

Though similarly old, the aswang has arised right into public amusement media only lately, as soon as in the television collection Grimm, as well as it’s revitalizing– in a horrific method– to see the introduction of an Undead coming from someplace other than Transylvania. Writers should stay up as well as take notice; African and also Asian countries have their own superordinary mythology, a location hardly plumbed by writers of supernatural novels.

Writers Kent as well as Kaufman definitely have a way with words, using such expressions as the Roanoke “submerging beneath the waves, engulfed in the endless dark of the sea,” or “This must be what it resembles to be awake when they decreased you into the grave,” all made to communicate the claustrophobic environment of a submarine’s inside, this including in the horror when the aswang’s existence is finally confirmed.

100 Fathoms Below is a novel that can be appreciated on a number of degrees, appealing to fans of political thriller along with those who like scary. The follower of military thrillers, such as those created by Tom Clancy, will certainly appreciate the descriptions of events aboard a nuclear below, as well as its search of its Soviet equivalent. Stephen King connoisseurs will rally behind the descriptions of the aswang’s depredations and the consequences.

Whichever genre the visitor appreciates, this novel is the one! Steven L. Kent and also Nicholas Kaufman have actually written a story filled with genuine descriptions of routine aboard a sub, while filling it with real scary.

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