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100 Years of Tattoos

100 Years of Tattoos

100 Years of Tattoos

Book review: 100 Year of Tattoos

This book is filled with vibrant personalities as well as photos in a photographic background of tattoos. Guide is burglarized areas by years and additional packaged right into numerous social phenomena such as jail tattoos and also tattoos during battle.

McComb checks out the various declarations made by tattoos and gives fantastic instances in the photos. The history of tattoos, much like fashion, has waxed and waned, with different designs being available in and out of appeal, from Sailor Jerry to modern art.

McComb has bitten off a large piece of social history by checking out a century of tattoos, primarily in the Western world. The United States is his prevalent rate of interest, however there are detours to Australia, Great Britain, and Japan. The background of tattoos is really as well big to be included in this beautiful quantity, and it would certainly’ve been best to concentrate just on the USA.

The United States’ first fascination with tattoos was minimal in the early 1900s. Inked males and females were few in number, starting with seafarers as well as soldiers and the occasional related activity female. It ended up being typical for males in WWII to sporting activity ink from their time offered; nevertheless, the interest in tattoos wound down significantly when photos of prisoner-of-war camp survivors revealed their crudely done identification numbers permanently engraved into their skin.


Instances of flash art as well as different musicians’ designs are sprinkled with the decades this book takes a look at, along with pictures of individuals being tattooed or their tattoos. Each photograph is captioned, often with explanation of the significance of the tattoo on screen or the suggestion behind tattooed people of the specific generation being explored.

The book’s sections include introductory material explicating the current cultural environment of the United States (or the generalized Western world) and also just how tattoos returned into fashion or were modified (whether by art movements, right into political statements, or something else).

As stunning as this publication is, and as helpful as maybe, this book fails in a major method: There is no scholarly product to support any of the insurance claims. While there is some details that can be considered truth simply based upon the pictures offered, the majority of the info McComb is aiming to provide is not common knowledge.

McComb offers image credit scores but no supporting proof for his insurance claims about Albert, Prince of Wales, having a tattoo (a typical misconception) or that nobility or celebs from the late 1800s– 1950s were inked. McComb throws out general declarations that laypeople not familiar with research or that take the created word as reality will swallow without doubt. This is a significant trouble, and also if McComb ends up being precise and did due persistance, after that a change or website to his sources is a great start. It would certainly be optimal, nevertheless, had he included explanations or endnotes to his different cases.

It’s a more pity that McComb’s intro to tattooing doesn’t mention the use of Edison’s piercing pen that was adapted by tattooist Martin Hildebrandt– a major payment to the art type and also variations of this pen are utilized today. McComb generalises information and also generally the emphasis of this publication is on men with the exceptions of the pin-up lady, celebrity, or adjunct, which will certainly make this publication unattractive to the female tattooed reader that does not suit any of those groups– she will certainly discover herself and her voice missing out on.

This would certainly make an excellent coffee table publication in hardbound layout or a great present to a tattoo enthusiast or musician with the caution that the information included must be taken with a grain of salt– however a lot of it rings true.

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