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Treating Women with Substance Use Disorders: The Women’s Recovery Group Manual

Treating Women with Substance Use Disorders: The Women's Recovery Group Manual

Book Review: Treating Women with Substance Use Disorders: The Women’s Recovery Group Manual

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Shelly F. Greenfield, MD, MPH, is Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and Chief Academic Officer at McLean Hospital, where she also serves as Chief of the Division of Women’s Mental Health and Director of Clinical and Health Services Research and Education in the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Program.

About “Treating Women with Substance Use Disorders: The Women’s Recovery Group Manual”

” an important contribution to addiction therapy …”.

The problems of working with substance abusers are overwhelming and also the success rate is low, which can be discouraging for the addiction therapy professionals who work with addicts.

Dr. Shelly Greenfield, professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical Institution and chief academic officer for McLean Hospital, addresses this concern by offering brand-new tools for mental health and wellness specialists. In hopes of creating far better treatment outcomes for women, Greenfield wrote Dealing with Ladies with Compound Usage Disorders: The Female’s Healing Group Handbook. Generally, it is easy to use and shows promise as a source for aiding women addicts recover.

This publication is for women therapists that wish to run teams for females with a compound usage condition (SUD) and also lays out a particular treatment program. It is an academic work for therapists who require support or training running SUD groups; it is not a self-help publication neither is it appropriate for an individual to make use of as a workbook.

Though the program set forth in guide is not abstinence-based per se, abstinence is the end objective. The program is made for weekly outpatient sessions concentrating on regression prevention, skill-building, and information circulation. The program is appropriate for usage with other treatment sources (specific treatment, 12-step job, corresponding or alternative medicine, etc.) as well as could be taken into consideration for use in community treatment centers or as part of aftercare programs for those that have actually had limited remain in residential therapy centers.

The background study providing the rationale for this program is well done. The author describes the need for a women’s SUD program, providing a logical foundation for and also information sustaining why women need treatment in a gender particular setup. This book additionally radiates due to the fact that researchers have completed studies on the program showing the effectiveness of the work, which sets it over other resources that are untested.

The program is developed to compete 12– 14 weeks, with once-a-week sessions. The target participant group is a “heterogeneous” team of ladies, though the program would certainly function effectively in a group that was fairly identical when it come to age, race, socioeconomic background, etc. The program has actually been performed in open, semi-open, and closed styles; the very best results appear to be when the program is utilized in a closed group.

One major emphasis is on self-care for ladies: finding out how to look after themselves with their various other caretaking functions, restoring broken relationships, and also learning just how to have a good time in healing.

Treating Women with Substance Use Disorders: The Women’s Recovery Group Manual

There is likewise a large amount of time spent on regression prevention, which is typical for any addiction recovery program. The program gives a great deal of graphes as well as various other sources that are implied to be added up to walls, which might limit where this program could be utilized purely as developed.

This publication and program would certainly be an outstanding source to make use of in area treatment or corrections scenarios, specifically among low-income clients. Those with access to more extensive levels of treatment could find the sources in this book basic.

The book is also a strong beginning area for brand-new therapists who have actually not dealt with addicts much in the past or for medication counselors with only a very temporary area college training program. The structure as well as scientific research behind this publication make it an excellent base for those with minimal experience.

Greenfield’s job has some deficiencies. The program possibly would be much less beneficial with patients who have actually had many relapses or that have not finished a medically sustained detoxification; those individuals would certainly need a stronger and also extra structured kind of intervention.

The program distributes a great deal of details and is as much community service in its focus on connecting people to outside sources as it is psychotherapy. With regard to the science in guide, there was an absence of info on neuroscience/brain feature, which is perhaps one of the most emergent and also vital location of present chemical abuse study.

Ultimately, seasoned specialists that specialize in addiction treatment will likely locate the program rather confining and accomplished. They might utilize it as an embarking on factor and also might enhance or extend the program, specifically putting additional time into structure healthy practices and also developing a life worth living.

Overall, Dealing With Females with Material Usage Disorders: The Women’s Healing Group Guidebook, is an essential payment to addiction treatment as well as must be on the rack of any individual that is taking into consideration dealing with women substance abusers.

Constance Scharff, PhD, remains on the board of advisers for Rock to Healing, an evidence-based songs program giving services to addiction therapy facilities. She is an internationally identified writer and also audio speaker with knowledge in mental medical care, dependency recuperation, and personal makeover.

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