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The Fix (Amos Decker series)

The Fix (Amos Decker series)

The Fix (Amos Decker series)

Book Review: The Fix (Amos Decker series)

About Author:

David Baldacci is one of the world’s bestselling and favourite thriller writers. With over 130 million copies in print, his books are published in over eighty territories and forty-five languages, and have been adapted for both feature-film and television. The Fix was composed in 2017, in the Amos Decker series includes other stories such as: Memory Man (2015),The Last Mile (2016),The Fix (2017),The Fallen (2018)

About “The Fix”:

Amos Decker, David Baldacci’s unique special agent, who suffered a head injury that resulted in giving him the gift of a remarkable memory takes on another case in “The Fix”.

” Those readers assuming they can outguess the author will locate their abilities checked … “.

On an early morning in Washington, DC, a horrific scene is played out straight before what needs to have been among the best put on planet. Across the street from the J. Edgar Hoover Structure, a guy fires a woman, then eliminates himself.

As far as the authorities can inform, both were unfamiliar people. It seems a random murder complied with by self-destruction and ultimately the instance would’ve been closed therefore, with the exception of 2 extremely crucial factors:.

The man had numerous classified federal government contracts, and Amos Decker witnessed the deaths.

Left with synesthesia after a terrible head injury throughout his days as an NFL player, Decker also is stricken with best recall. He thinks about neither anything yet a curse, for both conditions not only altered his personality but also his expectation on life, even as they make him the ultimate investigative representative. Called the “guy who can’t fail to remember,” Decker undergoes life remembering everything, and also on top of the checklist are the murders of his better half and little girl 2 years in the past, remaining to haunt him each day of his life.

It’s since he can not neglect that Decker comes to believe Walter Dabney didn’t simply choose Anne Berkshire, a complete stranger, as his companion in death. There has to be something more. Now, he just isn’t certain what that something is.

Meeting Dabney’s widow and his children does not aid. They, as well as his associates, state everybody suched as Walter. He was a good guy, an American success story. To the cynic, that indicates the dead man most certainly had opponents. The problem is Walter Dabney was a good guy, and also there’s nothing to confirm or else … up until Harper Brown goes into the scene.

The representative of the Defense Knowledge Company orders Decker to back off as well as leave the examination to her agency– which makes him more determined to proceed. A couple of attempts on his life go a long way to encouraging Harper to join pressures instead of carrying him aside.

Soon Brown, Decker, and also his team are stuck in oppositions as well as even more confusion regarding Walter Dabney as well as his connection with Berkshire, a substitute instructor that stayed in a million dollar apartment, drove a luxury cars and truck, as well as does not seem to have actually existed before ten years earlier.

All Decker has is his foolproof memory, repeating the scene prior to the FBI building again and again, like a slide program viewing each image, looking for that one information providing him the answer overlaid as they are with the memory of his very own loss. He sympathizes with Dabney’s family members also as he considers them believes, nonetheless improbable that might be.

” He can picture the passage of time. He might picture the minimizing of despair, of loss. But he might not envision that reducing happening to him. All he had to do was get to back into his ideal memory as well as there it would certainly all be, the discovery of the bodies, in their full terrible splendor, with not a single impact or monitoring subtracted from the assessment or lessened by the passage of time.”.

The Fix (Amos Decker series)

All Decker has as a clue is a statement made by both the victim and her killer to different individuals: That one can understand somebody a long, long period of time and also all of a sudden uncover he doesn’t know him whatsoever.

He’s specific if he can uncover the identity of the individuals they spoke of, he’ll find the driver for the crime.

His exploration of why Walter Dabney eliminated Anne Berkshire and afterwards chose to take his own life is a stunning revelation of the act of a caring spouse, dad, and a completely ethical male.

In a convolution of weaves, with the factor for the catastrophe always remaining contemporary of reach, David Baldacci has actually composed an additional thoroughly entertaining entrance in this thriller series. Involving characters as well as using the lead character’s affliction produce an imaginative if considerate result. Completion will come as a shock. Those readers believing they can outguess the author will certainly discover their capacities evaluated as they comply with Amos Decker to the unusual conclusion of The Repair.

Toni V. Sweeney is the writer of The Journeys of Sinbad and The Kan Ingan Archives collection and also writes under the pseudonym Icy Snow.

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