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English Hebrew Dictionary
hebrew dictionary

English Hebrew Dictionary By Subject

מילון עברית אנגלית

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A sound vocabulary is the basis of language aquisition, and is fundamental to all communication (verbal, written, listening & reading. 

Research shows that this is achieved most efficiently with subject-based resources.

This website is for anyone looking to increase their Hebrew vocabulary.

Here you will find over 10,000 thematically organized terms in a broad range of topics such as eduction, health, food, family, clothes, arts, economy, politics, sciences, law and much more!

To learn new Hebrew vocabulary, simply click the arrow next to any topic and follow the links!
עברית אנגלית מילון לפי נושאים
אוצר מילים רחב הוא הבסיס לשליטה בשפה ומרכיב הכרחי לתקשורת: דיבור, כתיבה, קריאה, שמיעה והבנה. מחקרים מראים שהדרך היעילה ביותר להעשרת אוצר המילים היא באמצעות מקורות למידה המחלוקים ליחידות הבנויות סביב נושא מרכזי.

האתר מיועד לכל מי שמעוניין להרחיב את אוצר המילים שלו באנגלית. תוכלו למצוא כאן למעלה מ-10,000 מונחים המסודרים לפי נושאים המכסים את כל תחומי החיים, ביניהם: חינוך, בריאות, אוכל, משפחה, אופנה, ספורט, אמנויות, כלכלה, פוליטיקה, מדעים, חוק ומשפט ועוד...

על מנת ללמוד מילים חדשות באנגלית, פשוט לחצו על נושא כלשהו ועיקבו אחר הקישורים

מילון עברית אנגלית

1. Polite PhrasesView the subcategories in Polite Phrases in Hebrew
2. EducationView the subcategories in Education in Hebrew
3. NumbersView the subcategories in Numbers in Hebrew
4. Family & IdentityView the subcategories in Family & Identity in Hebrew
5. The Human BodyView the subcategories in The Human Body in Hebrew
6. The Five SensesView the subcategories in The Five Senses in Hebrew
7. SpeechView the subcategories in Speech in Hebrew
8. Life CycleView the subcategories in Life Cycle in Hebrew
9. TimeView the subcategories in Time in Hebrew
10. Good Qualities & VirtuesView the subcategories in Good Qualities & Virtues in Hebrew
11. Failings & VicesView the subcategories in Failings & Vices in Hebrew
12. The MindView the subcategories in The Mind in Hebrew
13. HealthView the subcategories in Health in Hebrew
14. Food & DrinkView the subcategories in Food & Drink in Hebrew
15. Clothes & AccessoriesView the subcategories in Clothes & Accessories in Hebrew
16. The House 1: Building & Real EstateView the subcategories in The House 1: Building & Real Estate in Hebrew
17. The House 2: Inside The HouseView the subcategories in The House 2: Inside The House in Hebrew
18. Toys & GamesView the subcategories in Toys & Games in Hebrew
19. The TownView the subcategories in The Town in Hebrew
20. Transport & TourismView the subcategories in Transport & Tourism in Hebrew
21. Postal ServicesView the subcategories in Postal Services in Hebrew
22. Telecommunication & ComputingView the subcategories in Telecommunication & Computing in Hebrew
23. AnimalsView the subcategories in Animals in Hebrew
24. PlantsView the subcategories in Plants in Hebrew
25. Sport & ExerciseView the subcategories in Sport & Exercise in Hebrew
26. Journalism & PrintView the subcategories in Journalism & Print in Hebrew
27. Books & LiteratureView the subcategories in Books & Literature in Hebrew
28. Film, Television & Performing ArtsView the subcategories in Film, Television & Performing Arts in Hebrew
29. MusicView the subcategories in Music in Hebrew
30. ArtView the subcategories in Art in Hebrew
31. The Universe: EarthView the subcategories in The Universe: Earth in Hebrew
32. The Universe: Sky & SpaceView the subcategories in The Universe: Sky & Space in Hebrew
33. The Universe: EnvironmentView the subcategories in The Universe: Environment in Hebrew
34. Geographical NamesView the subcategories in Geographical Names in Hebrew
35. The WeatherView the subcategories in The Weather in Hebrew
36. Economy & BusinessView the subcategories in Economy & Business in Hebrew
37. Law & JusticeView the subcategories in Law & Justice in Hebrew
38. ReligionView the subcategories in Religion in Hebrew
39. PoliticsView the subcategories in Politics in Hebrew
40. The ArmyView the subcategories in The Army in Hebrew
41. International Relations, War & PeaceView the subcategories in International Relations, War & Peace in Hebrew
42. MathematicsView the subcategories in Mathematics in Hebrew
43. SciencesView the subcategories in Sciences in Hebrew
44. Weights & MeasuresView the subcategories in Weights & Measures in Hebrew
45. FC-SampleView the subcategories in FC-Sample in Hebrew

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